Award Honorees

The SCJAP recognizes the work and dedication of various judges at its annual conference by presenting two distinguished honors – The Themis Lifetime Achievement Award and The John Jeffers Memorial Award.

The Themis Lifetime Achievement Award

The Themis Award for Lifetime Achievement is presented to a member of the Association who has served at least 12 years and can be an active, senior or retired judge. The recipient must have demonstrated outstanding service for the betterment of the Association, participation, knowledge of the SCJAP and accomplishments that bettered the SCJAP. The Governing Board determines the recipient of this Award. This year, Richard G. King was the honored recipient of the Themis Award.

Here are all of the Themis Lifetime Achievement Award recipients throughout the SCJAP’s history:

2023Richard G. King
2022Daniel E. Baranoski
2021Jayne F. Duncan
2020Donna R. Butler
2019Ronald Antos
2018Suzanne C. Mack
2017Walter F. Gadzicki, Jr.
2016Catherine Hummel Fried
2015Allen P. Page
2014Carmine W. Prestia, Jr.
2013Gay Elwell (Posthumous)
2012James K. Reiley
2011Larry Pentz
2010Richard M. Cappelli
2009Linda Baumunk
2008Daniel George
2007Dennis R. Joyce
2006 Delores Bristol
2005Charles A. Clement, Jr.
2004Kenneth Miller
2003James Russo &
Mervin Dubs
2002Samuel J. Magaro
2001Susanne R. Walley &
J. Bruce King
2000Joseph J. Maura, Sr.
1999JoAnne Shultz
1998Andrew Barilla, Jr.

The John Jeffers Memorial Award

The John Jeffers Memorial Award recipient must be a member of the SCJAP and not a current member of the Executive Committee. The nominee must have made significant contributions to the SCJAP over the previous 16 months. The factors to be considered include outstanding service, participation, motivation, cooperation, attitude, knowledge and accomplishments for the good of the SCJAP. The Executive Committee determines the recipient of this award. This year, Daniel E. Baranoski was the honored recipent of the John Jeffers Memorial Award.

Here are all of John Jeffers Memorial Award recipients throughout the SCJAP’s history:

2023Daniel E. Baranoski
2022John H. Fishel
2021Juanita Price
2020Tonya Osman
2019Robert Hawke
2018Ronald J. Haggerty
2017David J. Barton
2016Christopher J. Cerski
2015Galen DeCort
2014William D. Chisholm
2013Susan Mankamyer
2012Not Awarded
2011Richard G. King
2010Paula P. Correal
2009Jayne F. Duncan
2008Walter F. Gadzicki, Jr.
2007James K. Reiley
2006Edward Lewis
2005Jack Kowal
2004Fred A. Pierantoni, III &
Isaac H. Stoltzfus
2003Jay Dutton
2002Carmine W. Prestia, Jr.
2001Catherine Hummel Fried
2000Charles A. Clement, Jr.
1999Daniel Signor
1998John Murray, III
1997Dennis R. Joyce
1996James Russo
1995Samuel J. Magaro


Magisterial District Judges (MDJs)

Special Court Judges in Pennsylvania

  • 503 Magisterial District Judges (MDJs)
  • 106 Senior Magisterial District Judges
  • 27 Philadelphia Municipal Court Judges (PMCJs)
  • 4 Senior Philadelphia Municipal Court Judges
  • MDJs receive a total of 19,040 hours of Continuing Legal Education Annually
  • Phila MCJs receive a total of 372 hours of Continuing Legal Education Annually



Located Across PA

  • Population of 12.8 Million People
  • 67 Counties
  • 2,561 Municipalities
  • 1,546 Townships
  • 958 Boroughs
  • 56 Cities


Approximate Annual Case Filings

For PA Magisterial District Judges

  • 2,800,000 New Case Filings
  • 207,000 Criminal Cases
  • 130,000 Civil Cases
  • 97,000 Landlord/Tenant Cases
  • 1,570,000 Traffic Cases
  • 238,000 Non-Traffic Cases
  • 7,000 Emergency PFAs



Magisterial Judges in PA collect annually

  • $180 Million Disbursed to State
  • $44 Million Disbursed to Counties
  • $34 Million Disbursed to Local Municipalities
  • $4 Million Disbursed to Victims for Restitution
  • $870,000 Credit for Community Service