About Magisterial District Judges

Magisterial District Judges hear a large number of cases and have a diverse jurisdiction.

Every community within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a Magisterial District Court within close proximity to its residents.  This court, known locally as the District Court, the Community Court, or the People’s Court, is where community residents go to resolve disputes, seek financial restitution, or to defend against actions filed against them.  Community residents have the option to represent themselves…

About Philadelphia Municipal Court Judges

The Philadelphia Municipal Court is a court of record whose jurisdiction is limited to those matters specified by its enabling statute.  The court is comprised of up to twenty-seven, law-trained, commissioned judges and is organized into criminal, civil and traffic divisions.

The Criminal Division hears nonjury criminal trials of adult defendants who are charged with crimes that carry a maximum sentence of incarceration of five years or less. The Criminal Division is also responsible for the processing of every criminal arrest in Philadelphia and for…